Membership Benefits

The benefits of becoming an IPOF member are many and include:
  1. Networking: Meet other physicians with similar backgrounds in your area. Especially important for new physicians, helping them gain ground, learn to establish practices, gain patient referrals, start joining associations, etc.
  2. Exposure: IPOF serves as a community liaison, by providing exposure through hospital staff, health fairs and newspaper announcements of ongoing activities of the members, especially for local charitable fundraising events.
  3. Active Involvement: IPOF Life members are eligible to run for office and a chance to serve on IPOF committees. All active members are eligible to vote at IPOF annual meeting.
  4. Stay Informed: Getting current up to date information by IPOF news letters.
  5. Participation: Current members, their spouses and youth volunteers can participate in IPOF activities, e.g. Health Fairs, Talent Shows, Fashion shows, Fundraising activities and Family Picnics, etc. Experience and share cultural events, and have an opportunity to socialize.
  6. Directory: IPOF directory is a valuable tool for quick and easy reference to other colleagues and specialists. The directory is also sent to hospitals, religious centers, ethnic establishments, etc. thereby providing a resource for non-physicians to look up the physicians in their community
  7. Negotiating or Buying Power: Also planned for the future, we intend to utilize our leverage, only available as a large group, to negotiate discounted prices for products and services that we all need. For example, getting an EMR discounted to the entire group, or purchasing office supplies from a vendor at a discounted rate. This also includes negotiating favorably for Malpractice Insurance discount, Contract with HMO providers, etc.
  8. Peer to Peer Exposure: Applies to those younger physicians, interns, college students, and pre-meds, who want to shadow established physicians or do an externship or rotation through an office.  Peer to peer exposure offers younger students an opportunity to learn and gain insights from physicians in a variety of disciplines.
  9. Education with Entertainment: Physicians can attend educational dinner meetings with live or recorded presentations by nationally renowned speakers. Also planned for the future, weekend seminars with lectures by accredited speakers on a variety of medical topics to help maintain educational goals.
  10. Political Backing/Fundraising: IPOF as an organization has the numbers and strength for promoting and supporting politicians, parties and organizations who help and support the shared goals of our organization and the medical community.
  11. Youth Volunteers Participation in volunteer activities in IPOF functions, e.g. Health Fairs, and receive school credits for volunteer hours.  Available to member's family.
  12. Special Sprint Savings Offer! IPOF Members are now eligible for a 23% savings on select regularly priced monthly service plans from Sprint. For more information, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  1. Sharing: Experience and share cultural events, and have an opportunity to socialize.